Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is it really all it's cut out to be? I mean is there more than just the cards on anniversaries, first everythings, sweet midnight walks , and warm kisses.

It really is amazing, all of it.
To think back at what you wore on your first date, first kiss, first "I Love You"
Such a great experience; until it all comes crashing down.

Nothing lasts forever because we don't last forever.

My age is irrelevant,I am in love now, or was...
I've been through it all and can i say it's worth it?
Hmm,yea sometimes. I mean I don't regret anything
but I wouldn't advise half of the things I've done in my age.

How sweet my Valentine's Day was this year, perhaps my best ever.
Because i was happy,not only did I get THE most flowers in the entire building,
It came from someone more special to me than anything or anyone.
I so loved it and boasted it in every hall, He spent so much on those roses
And all I could do was give him one.
You see he was never much of a written word guy, I was more.
I write what I feel, he expresses it :]

He has tought me so much and no matter how much we can hurt each other I won't forget him because he's an angel. He really is & Any girl would be lucky to have him.

But i am still young, I'm just glad i found him when I did <3

[Jorge Recalde ]